the way we do 35

For some reason this birthday sort of hit me the wrong way. Not the actual day just the significance of the age, I guess. Something like that. It left me sort of like, meh. How did I want to celebrate? Matt asked. I had nothing. No ideas. He was off work (the saint) so I felt like we should do something. Maybe it was the weather which has just been so weird lately? Let's blame a lot on the weather. 

I woke up in the morning to the laundry already folded and basically every other little mundane morning chore of mine done. That Matt, I mean. I scored big. Huuuuuge. I had an appointment to get my nails done and then decided to go to Target where I found a new dress on clearance, just in time for the cruise! Yay! Walking around Target solo is really like a little mini vacation. I don't have to head count. I can take my time.... Always good for you, solo Target runs. When I got home Matt already had the kids dressed and ready to go to the Bullshead for lunch. Because that is always a good idea as well.

After the Bulls we went home to swim only to get hit with more rain (!!!!!). I sat back and read my newest issue of The Magnolia Journal and the kids played and the rain came down and down....Matt cooked me my favorite farro salad for dinner and then we watched Super Troopers 2 after the kids went to bed. He laughed so hard his face hurt! It's stupid funny but still funny. So basically what I'm saying is the real hero of my birthday is Matteo. So thanks babies! And 35? We've got this. You're just a silly little number after all, and I've got a Matt. So there.



  1. exactly. i think it was a splendid day! only would have been more fun if i was there :) lol bc i'm making it all about me. no but really 35 was a weird one. only to get weirder i suppose! i guess we just keep rolling with the punches right? :) happy day!

  2. He did all your chores? That’s like the best birthday gift ever. I couldn’t agree more about walking Target solo. Love that place, man! Sounds like you had an amazing birthday.

  3. Oh that Matt! Sounds like a perfect day to me!!

  4. gosh, i relate! i never have ideas for my own birthday, and i don't need much, to be honest! haha! i think 35 is looking great on you, my dear!!!


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