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These months be moving at an incredible rate people! July was, I'm fairly certain, only a week long. How was it that March was about four months long and July, a fantastic month to be long if I may say so, seemed so short? Deep thoughts... Also, why do you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? Discuss.

I love me some Linda Richman!

Anyways, August the First. This month is starting off with a bang! Letty's birthday, my birthday, then my two niece's birthdays... then bam! It's cruise time! Which also means our first time flying (leavinggggg on a jet plane... don't know when I'll be back again) so you can imagine my little fingers have been scrolling the internets looking for all the tips. Which is silly because throw an iPad at my three and they will be just fine. And as long as mama has a cocktail or five I'll be fine too. I hate flying (I don't let my kids know that of course) and haven't done it since Letty was in my belly. I haven't discussed the cruise much on here or even really in life because I have been feeling sad feelings about it. While it will be amazing and we all are super excited it means that the summer is nearing a close. When we get back the kids will only have two full weeks left of summer.... did I get it all done? Did we live the dream? What did I forget? Oh the feelings.

I got the kids (all three of them) their backpacks (courtesy of my parents, thank you!) and came home to check the mail and Dom's orientation packet was in there and well I didn't get very far into reading it till I said nope. Tears stinging my eyes and nope. Big bag of nope. I put that thing away and yeah. I'm not ready for this yet. 

One amazing (great, fantastic, wonderful) thing to come out of July is that Dominic is potty trained! Officially! I mean it's been since July 4th and he has had zero accidents (!!!!!)! He does it all, you name it! Finally! Free from diapers for the first time in EIGHT years! So let's do some math! Based on the average amount of diapers kids use per year (2,700, one source said) and let's hold my head high and proudly (ha) say that all of my children didn't potty train till they were three (and then some in this youngest's case). That means that we changed about 25,650 diapers. Obviously diaper costs vary depending on size and brand of course but let's say the average is something like 15 cents a diaper.  That means we have spent about $3,847 on crapping. And peeing. We got that diaper money. That diaper money!

I got my results back from my DNA test thing. If you've been hanging around here for a bit you'd know that my uncle and dad had this done and found some surprising info, mainly that instead of being Italian like we thought their DNA came back with Greek (!). In my dad's case, zero Italian. So I had to have it done. Mine came back that I am (rounding here a decimal or two) 20% German, 17% Norwegian, 13% British. and 8% Italian. Yeah I know that doesn't add up to 100 but the other percentages just said "broadly northern European and southern European." The British surprised me but the rest was basically how I thought I was made up. More Italian perhaps, but no Greek! This science stuff throws me because how can my dad have no Italian but I do? Anyways. I am who I am. 

Let's see. Our days are basically filled with stuff around the house, little school work, fighting, more fighting, maybe a play date here and there, pool if it's sunny.... you name it. David I feel like really needs to get back into the routine of school. The challenge of school. He is pushing buttons all day every day and it's driving me insane. I lose my temper tenfold and then after he's asleep I feel so guilty about it and I  just want to crawl into bed with him. Letty has been spending a lot of time in her room playing with her American Girl doll and while I wish she would want to chill with me I know that sometimes it's better for her to be alone, where she can't emotionally terrorize me. I'm sure that's a thing. Little emotional terrorists. These kids. But I love them! And while they may need the structure of school I am just dreading the routines. The schedules and the packing of the lunches! Heavens.

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