picking those peaches

Traditions people! Traditions. I am one for them. So as you can imagine, come August when the peaches ripen and off I go! To pick the peaches! Now as we were leaving shortly for the cruise I couldn't go too crazy, but we got ourselves a few pounds of these early birds, which will then be frozen for our winter white wine, naturally. My sister and her kids and my mom joined us as well! And there was sunflowers!! We went to a different place this year than we normally do for our peaches, Masonic Villages, which just has the prettiest views! And wagons! And of course a bake shop which Nonna utilized and treated the kids with some fresh baked cookies after all their hard work picking!

Past year's picking days herehereherehere and here!



  1. i have been eating a lot of peaches lately and i just love them. actually brought one for lunch today. all deadly. freezing them is the best idea and i wish i had the space to freeze all the things ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Traditions are my jam! I live for them. I love that traditions are so important to you as well. Those peaches look amazing!! I’ve got to find a farm around here. As always, great pictures! Oh, and sunflower fields have my heart.


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