packing it all in

Our final two weeks of summer involved a whole lot of me trying to cross everything off our summer bucket list. With a vengeance. I was frantic to not miss a thing and just make sure that every last summer day was full of tons of fun things! And we almost made it. Sure the weather put a bit of a hindrance on a few of the plans but I feel pretty good about it all.... And so in our final two weeks of summer we...

/had a night swim/made s'mores/got back to school haircuts/visited hersheypark at night/went to the new playground at long's park/got ice cream at pineview dairy/had a swim with our fitzgerald's/discovered alcoholic slushees/had our final birthday celebration/covered uncle mark in hair chalk/had a sleepover/got ice cream at son's/got ice cream at fox meadows/david learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels/went to the bike trail/swam/went to amos herr park/got slushees/snorkeled with friends/added a slide to the pool/went to tj rockwells/letty had a few birthday parties, one that was a sleepover/
All that to say.... last few weeks of August? You exhausted me. But I sure wouldn't change a thing!