letty's official birthday

Letty's actual eighth birthday was last week and we pretty much let her call the shots as to what she wanted to do, even going so far as to letting her cancel on her tutor (I gave the birthday girl many side eyes about that). She requested Hersheypark, not the water park, and she wanted to play the same game that David had played on his birthday. She woke to presents of course beforehand and her favorite was the hair chalk. She gets to have crazy colored hair and I get to know that the second she jumps in the pool it's gone. Poof! She thinks she looks like Mal from The Descendants.

We rode rollercoasters and some other rides before lunch and and epic downpour. I was just glad that we were already inside eating and that I had thought to bring two umbrellas. We arrived back at the van with only soaking wet feet and a soaked stroller. An adventure!!

Unfortunately the weather did not improve during the afternoon so Letty spent a lot of it playing with her new gifts and also: Minecraft. I really do not get that game! But anyways! Then we all drove over to John Wright Restaurant for a nice dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday. We will forever share celebrations and that's just fine with me! Great views, drinks, food and company! A wonderful way to top off a day celebrating being eight (and 35)!

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