lena is four!

For those who don't know, Lena is my niece. And she just turned four. I'm not sure how that's possible! Letty was her age the day she was born and I cannot! Just cannot. Oh these cousins! I love the lot of them!

My sister had a little early birthday "dinner" for Lena with our family. Matt brought bruscetta, Beth made Lena's requested pasta dish, we opened gifts and sang and ate cake! There were even balloons!

Oh my Lena Girl, how I love you so! You are so smart and funny and loud and adorable and you are just so full of life! You bring us all so much joy and I know this year will be so exciting for you! School! I'm tearing up just thinking of you walking into school with your backpack looking so big on you and okay! I can't. Happy birthday my love! 

Past birthdays herehere, and her first!


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  1. aw what a happy day! lena is the cutest. also your dads shirt - need that in my life lol.


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