first day of school

We survived! I know, I'm sure you all thought we wouldn't but we did! The first day!

We dropped the kids off at school, walking over sidewalk chalked wishes and rainbows and a through a bubble machine, I mean, their school is cool! And I drove away quickly lest they see the tears....  But I made it! They didn't really know how hard it was for me and to them it was just like riding a bike; they know the drill! The house was empty and quiet and really quite depressing when we got back and I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. That silence can speak volumes. I had my day filled with activities and before we knew it there they came! Safe! To their mama!
It's like pulling teeth to get info from these kids but what I got was that it was a good first day, they saw their friends, had a fire drill, played outside and found a friend or two at lunch. So all good things. And their mama? Well, I did alright....

One day at a time lady. One day at a time.

Last year's first day here.



  1. aw a great first day. now I want you to text me and tell me about your day bc yes.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing! Text me! :)

  2. gosh they are so sweet!!! i bet they're already having a blast.

  3. aww happy first day of school! bubble machine? i want. glad they had a good time, and glad you did okay as well.


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