cruising: honduras

Now this port! This port itself was my favorite. Right off the boat and I was like wow! What a difference from our honeymoon! 

We walked off the boat after breakfast to meet for our excursion. It was just so pretty right there! Clean and nice landscaping and the like. Lots of stores... We didn't get too much time to explore before getting on the bus...
This excursion is also the other one that is tied for my favorite. Everyone but my brother and his family headed to Tabyana Beach, a half hour or so drive away from the port. The sand was white and soft. The water was crystal clear and warm and blue. There was like zero waves and so many palms! The only annoying feature were the locals trying to sell stuff, but the good news is that they couldn't go up to where our chairs were, so they only heckled you on the way to the water and then back to your chairs. But that is nothing compared to how gorgeous is was there!
Don't worry my brother and his family had fun too!!! We sure did miss them though!
We headed back to the ship for a (very) late lunch and then it was time for the Build-a-Bear Workshop! Nonna and Poppop treated every single one of their seven grandkids to a nice Carnival bear and a shirt! It even came with a little backpack carrier and these kids, I just love them all so much!