cruising: grand cayman

I can't even tell you how many times we have been to Grand Cayman. Lots, to say the least. And just like all our other stops it sure has changed. We were here last shortly after Katrina and well, things needed a bit of work. But now! Wow! The place is gorgeous. Of course we had an excursion booked but that didn't leave till a bit later in the day, so we spent the morning walking around the ship and checking out all the towel animals they had on display. We also took the kids into the Frankenstein Bar, a bar we all danced at the last time we were on this ship.... Ah memories....

You have to tender into the island which isn't a big deal, only about a five minute trip. We then rode a bus down the island to a turtle center. We could feed and hold and touch these sea turtles. Which as you can imagine the kids young and old enjoyed. Matt was able to snorkel with them as well. He has been training for that moment all summer long!
They had a fresh water swimming area with a waterfall and a water slide that occupied the rest of our time at the turtle center. My kids love a good water slide. We have been contemplating adding one to our pool.... And Nonna made a friend!
With our ticket we were able to walk across the street and visit the dolphins. You know I love a good dolphin sighting! They had 18 dolphins there and Matt and I and the kids just hung out watching them swim around for awhile before it was time to head back to the ship. I just love those things so much! They are just so smart Jen-nay!
 And there it goes! Our last glimpse of that beautiful water for the trip! Time to head on home!