cruising: formal night with AUrate

The cruise offers us all a rare opportunity to get all dressed up in our finest for two nights a week on their formal nights. I don't know why I still like it, as I'm a purely leggings kind of gal the majority of the time, but I do. We all clean up real nice I think! Just look at the lot of us! Seriously, how lucky are we! I love my big family!
I had the pleasure of working with AUrate before setting sail and they sent me two of their fine jewelry pieces that I proudly showed off on these more dressed up of occasions. I chose the Midi Gold Bar Earring (for one of my cartilage piercings left over from college days) and the Long Bar Necklace and just looook at the pretty packaging! I love a nicely done package!

AUrate is based out of New York City, and we all know how I feel about my New York! They want to make fine jewelry more affordable while still maintaining the highest quality. Naturally. And the best part? With every purchase made AUrate donates a book to child who needs it right in New York! As a huge fan of reading myself (and you know, helping people, which I never do enough of) that definitely caught my eye. You can read more information about that here.  Their jewelry also comes with a lifetime guarantee which I think is pretty special.

I looooved their pieces! I really liked how you could order just one earring as opposed to a pair, as I'm a unevenly pierced type of gal... I also love that a lot of their necklaces can be worn two different lengths! Love that for all my layering purposes. I really could have gone nuts; their pieces are all so classic and simple and lovely! But also a statement! Other close contenders from the earring collection were the X Earring and the Circle Earrings. And from the necklace collection, the Gold Bar Necklace and the Mini Medallion Necklace (love personalized things!). And do not even get me started on their rings. You know I love me some rings! Like their Inverse Ring! Or the Cylinder Ring! See? I could have gone nuts....

And yes I feel absolutely ridiculous taking photos of just myself and you should have heard the comments from the peanut gallery aka Matt.
But back to the formal night! As usual before dinner we all met up for drinks and of course lots of family photos! Have to document the suits and the dresses!
And what do the kids do while we are doing our adult thing? Why play with their iPads of course! Judge me all you want but for a few hours at night during the sit down dining, I'll allow it. So long as they share.
After we were sufficiently stuffed we headed down to the theater for the evening's show, which all the kids are a huge fan of. Followed by a nice sunset! Rounding out the night with a bang!
Thanks so much to AURate for my gorgeous new pieces! I'm pretty obsessed with them!