cruising: final day at sea

I know, we are going to take a step back to the cruise and that's because well, I want to. We still have one full day at sea to recap! Starting with the calmest of waters during the sunrise....

We did the Seuss Breakfast on our last cruise and the kids really loved it, the super themed menus, the meeting of the characters.... It's all very fun and whimsical. Even if my boys didn't eat a single thing. Rude. But we did get to meet Thing 1 and Thing 2 and I just love those nixy guys! Unfortunately Lena preferred to just stay nice and safe at the table and far away from all those big looming characters.
I'm sure you can imagine what is next.... The kids went to Camp and the adults went to the deck in search of the perfect set up of lounge chairs... Sun for those who love the sun, and shade for those of fairer skin and see also: babies. We (well some of us) can be a bunch of fools when we feel like it and the laughs that follow are always so welcome. My brother Rob especially... always knowing how to push the appropriateness envelope and Matt is just always so happy to join along for the ride.
And then it was lots of packing and prepping for our departure (if only we knew!) and then our final dinner on board. Always bittersweet. And saying goodbye to the staff! My children get so spoiled all week long and then return home having forgotten all sense of what it means to have a parent prepare a meal. And clean up after it. You may notice a little blonde lady love of mine missing from the photo and that is just because she preferred to sit this one out, thank you very much. You do you, Lena girl. I love you for it.
Going out with a gorgeous sunset! Love the good sky!
 Until next time! Trovato Travels, out! Unless I decide to relive the trip home.... Debatable.