cruising: a day at sea

Days at Sea are the best, I think. You really get to enjoy all that the cruise ship has to offer. And enjoy we did. I started the morning with a quick run around their lap deck, practically getting dizzy because well, one lap is like... a tenth of a mile or some such thing. We had breakfast and then the kids got a quick swim in before they hightailed it off to Camp Ocean. Hand in hand. They just love that place so much and all five of the kids couldn't wait to get away from us all. Which, okay. Sure I guess it is their vacation too. But then! The most miraculous thing happened! Matt and I were able to lay around on the deck and have a drink and gasp, even read! It was quite nice and hasn't happened since 2009! What does one even do with oneself!!? We hung out with John and Sadie while those other family members of mine with kids too young for the camp did other things, like have coffee and attempt to get their baby to nap. That stuff. 

We grabbed the kids for lunch of course and then it was time for the Dr. Seuss Parade and story time. They loved this from the last cruise so of course when we saw it on the agenda we had to do it. Matt and I got involved with carrying some signs and then I sat on stage with the kids for the story. David volunteered to be a monkey, as David does. 
After the story time the kids requested mini golf which we all agreed to. Poppop even dusted off his golfing skills and offered up some tips.
The kids begged to go back to Camp Ocean so once more here we were! Kidless! This time my other brother and his wife joined us, getting Audrey to nap in this amazing contraption, as well as my brother-in-law. I don't know what the kids see in camp... I mean I thought our deck sunbathing times were pretty awesome. But what do I know.

I mean I tell you what, we really got a lot out of our first Day at Sea. I'd say we didn't miss a thing but then that makes me think of the very worst song ever created so...