cruising: cozumel

Cozumel. Another port from the past. We Trovato's were here on what turned out to be our last ever cruise as a family of six, back in 2003/2004 on a New Year's Eve cruise. Which makes me sort of melancholy to think about, as none of us knew it was the last time as just us six. But anyways we got off the boat and Colton saw this step/fountain thing that he recognized from a photo of us way back then and he came up with the idea that we should recreate it. Always one with the good ideas, that brother-in-law of mine. And so that is just what we did and I love it. 
Isn't that quite the deal? Anyways our morning started as typical mornings do for me, a run, the sun, and food for my kids. Also hanging out on our balcony overlooking Cozumel. Our excursion at this port is tied for one of my favorites of the trip. It was an all inclusive catamaran trip to a private island, Isla Pasion. We met on the pier with our other fellow cruisers before getting on board....
The island itself was so gorgeous! White sand, pretty blue water, tons and tons of palm trees! I have a thing with that water and those trees to be sure. The water wasn't the best for snorkeling as we had thought it would be, and there was a lot of seaweed. But they had kayaks and hammocks for public use! We set up shop and the kids went right to town playing with their shovels and the like. They had a few little shops, the ladies all got a free pair of earrings which was nice. You could get a massage or even buy some prescription drugs which was interesting.... The food was a nice local buffet and we went back multiple times. The bar had swings people. Swings. The drinks were flowing and the staff was all over us to keep it that way. We checked out the playground then at some point too and we could have just left the kids there if we were those type of parents (they had it staffed, of course) but as it was we just watched the kids play and relax in the hammocks for a bit, before we all reluctantly had to head back to the ship....

Back on the ship and freshly bathed the men in my life discovered their best discovery of the trip, depending upon who you ask. Half priced drinks (!) on port days at a certain bar on board. And the bartender didn't mind how many you ordered and so.  Buckets of beer to stock your fridge? Why yes. Pitchers of tropical looking drinks half off? Sure, we'll take two. Like I said. A happy little discovery. All before dinner. In case you're curious about all the pitchers you'll see in photos the next few days... now you know.

I realize I should have split these posts better but alas, who needs weeks and weeks of cruise recaps?