cruising: belize

Another repeat port (for Matt and I anyways) was Belize. It rained this day, just as it did twelve years ago on our honeymoon. You are nothing if not consistent Belize!

My brother and Sadie headed off in the rain bright and early to explore the jungle and some ruins while the Olsens headed off to a beach island getaway. Insert laugh here. We got on the tender and just as we did a bad storm blew in that immediately turned said tender around back to the boat. Cancelled excursion. Which stunk but of course better safe than sorry. I didn't want to be out there in that little tender in that storm for a second longer athankyouverymuch. My sister and parents had somehow made it to the island before that bad storm but came back in time for lunch on board...
After lunch it had dried up enough that the kids wanted to swim. So they did that for a bit before requesting to head back to camp. Again. It's a running theme here. I wanted them to at least go ashore in Belize and see it but was denied. So they went to camp, the emergency cellphone went to Nonna and Pop, and Matt and I headed to the island all by our lonesome, not quite sure what to do with ourselves. I think this island is an island where an excursion is pretty much what you need. We walked up and down the little shopping area and then got a beer and headed right back onto the boat, where if you look closely you can spy my family watching us tender back on board.
I love these little towel animal creations. Our room steward even included the kid's stuffed animals they had packed from home...I like turtles! We got ready for our evening, pre-dinner drinks, dinner, eating more food than is normal, go to the show. Etc.
So long Belize! And the rain!