35 things.

Today I am 35. Hitting a milestone, I feel like, right? So I sort of thought hey I should do a thing, 35 things on my 35th birthday. It is actually surprisingly difficult and once I got started I was invested so... I had to keep going! I am not sure what today will hold for me other than I will definitely be getting my nails cruise ready... probably some packing. I don't know. Big things! But I'm 35 (haven't aged a day as I like to say) and here's to many many (many) more! Thank you mama for giving me the gift of life and love these past 35 years! I always think the real heroes should be the moms on the birthday's of their children. Amiright?
1. That photo is me, naturally, on my first birthday. I was with my grandparents and my parents were nowhere to be seen.

2. I am wearing 14 rings on my fingers as I type this. And all other days.

3. I used to collect everything. Deflated mylar balloons, gemstones, marbles, insecurities, you name it.

4. I am the current owner of eleven tattoos. Am I done? Am I? Midlife (thirdlife?) crisis up in here!

5. I sleep walk sometimes.

6. I have never watched the Back to the Future movies. Never will.

7. I have lived in three states (NY. ME and PA).

8. I still have greeting cards I got on my first birthday. And every year after. I'm sure I'll need them someday.

9. I could have a cup of coffee and immediately take a nap.

10. I lay awake at night reliving conversations looking for stupid things I may have said. It's a real gas.

11. I have been to 15 countries and 23 states. Lots more to see though people!

12. I have read 26 books so far this year. Working my library hard.

13. I haven't eaten breakfast in three years.

14. Our first pet as a married couple was named Dominic. Ha!

15. I failed my driver's license once for hitting a cone parallel parking. Still can't parallel park.

16. Sterling silver roses are my favorite flower.

17. I am an accidental PTO mom.

18. I'm currently rewatching True Blood and I'm a bit embarrassed by that fact.

19. I do 11 loads of laundry per week.

20. I always wanted four kids, two of each, just like in my family. 

21. If my kids wouldn't kill me I would love to get a RV and drive across the country.

22. I skied for 14 years.

23. I was once sued for a car accident I caused and it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. 

24. I would max out my credit card at this local store called Cocalico Creek. And maybe then Target.

25. My husband and kids chew with their mouths open and I want to smack them. Repeatedly. 

26. I have worked for twelve different employers. I quit one because I couldn't paint my nails and another because of the pleated pants. You would have too.

27. I accidentally saw Marilyn Manson in concert.

28. I am a ESFJ at the moment.

29. Have good news to share? Sorry I go straight for the jugular and spread the bad news. Did you hear about the *insert horribly disturbing news story*?

30. I would rather burn the house down than kill a spider. That is what husbands are for.

31. I'm a Charlotte.

32. I have the absolute worst short term retention. Probably why I have so many notes and lists on my phone because otherwise? It did not happen.

33. I like to have my radio in the car loud and I cannot lie. Unless the kids are nuts in which case I forget to even turn it on.

34. I should probably be a vegetarian because meat freaks me out but I also hate vegetables. What does that even mean?

35. This has taken me three days to write.

Gah. That was a lot. Happy weekend!



  1. haha i feel your stress from trying to write this. you crack me up. i knew these things of course. also i have 12 tattoos and you need one more so we can twin in that regard among SO many other things. happiest of birthdays to you mi amor!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope it's the most wonderful yet!

  3. Happy birthday, lady! I hope it’s the best ever. I loved learning more about you. And #9 – yup, that’s me. I can drink an energy drink and go straight to sleep as well. I love how sentimental you are and keep everything. I’m much like that too. How in the world did you accidentally see Marilyn Manson in concert? Haha!


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