who david is at six years

Ah my sweet boy David. He’s turning the ripe age of six today! He’s such a sweet sweet boy (have  I said that already?) and such a kind old soul sometimes he just astounds me. Other times he legitimately makes me think I’m losing my mind or that there has to be a hidden camera somewhere to film this whole joke he’s playing on me. And only he knows the rules of the game. But mainly he’s sweet and affectionate, always the first to say hello or hand out a compliment, very sensitive (sometimes far too sensitive, and focusing on things that are just very adult and philosophical) and just so very smart. 

When I read through last year’s post like this it always gives me pause. Yes in so many ways he’s exactly the same and in others he has grown, as kids tend to do, within a year. He still is a super picky eater but he’s much better than he once was. He eats pasta and is much more prone to trying something new, giving it a thumbs up or down based on his taste bud’s reaction. He still loves to sleep and sleep in he sure does! He still is like a little mayor, saying hello to each and every person and using their names. If I don’t know someone’s name or their job I ask David and he will respond instantly and normally with a “come on mom how don’t you know that” air. 

He’s just so smart Jenny! He’s my little reader and he is constantly teaching us things. Little bug facts or something about the continents, whatever he picks up from his various library books on the subject. His teacher had nothing but good things to say about him! He’s a good student and such a helper and a joy and I mean thank goodness!

He’s the best big brother! To an almost infuriating degree. Whatever Dom wants, David will get him. Even if we say no. He just wants Dom to stop crying. Whether it be a toy, or David’s snack, or a pair of his sunglasses, whatever is upsetting Dom David will hand over gladly. He still rocks that middle child syndrome in a hundred different ways, even though we are trying here! Want to break the cycle!
Oh David. How we love you so! I hope you have the very best of birthdays! I have no idea what we will do today because as of last night you just couldn't make up your mind! We will do sports camp, of course. Definitely some sort of eating out, whether it be McDonald's or Chuck E Cheese.... Maybe Hersheypark? We will do whatever you want big guy! Because you are the best! Happy happy birthday David!!
And that smile man. He has always lit up a room and he still does!