what to do with kids at the beach when it rains


That's about it. Okay I kid, I kid. But seriously. 

Our Saturday over the weekend was rainy from almost sun up to sun down. I had the bright idea to have everyone join me on my morning run around Northside Park figuring I'd do my three miles and the kids could burn off some energy at the playground simultaneously. Well when we arrived it was pouring and just as my run ended it started up again. We were soaked to the bone. Starting our day off right. 

Back to the house and successfully dried off I started brainstorming. Indoor mini golf. Bowling. The movies. An arcade. Ripley's Believe it or Not. I had quite the list going. All involved money of some kind so we just kept shrugging them off as not so good ideas. We ate lunch... the kids played.
After a few hours of me pacing (I don't do well with no plans) someone got the bright idea to set up ladder golf and corn hole in the garage. So that's just what we did. With drinks. A bit later someone (the elusive someone) got the bright idea to go for a bike ride in the torrential down pour. Not the most intelligent of things I've ever done but I haven't ridden a bike in probably 20 years and so I found a rain coat (thanks Aunt Sue for not judging us!) and that's just what I did. Rode a bike. Through puddles. And it was actually really enjoyable. Just something that reminded me of my youth about it all. See also I now want a bike. Which means we will need a bike rack. Which means moving on.
The rain stopped enough so the kids could get a swim in! Small miracles! Letty didn't want to so she stayed back with Steve and Holly while Sam napped the naps of all naps and Aunt Sue and Matt and I took the boys over. Eventually the rest of the family waltzed over too which then led to Sam sitting in the pool  fully clothed which then led to Letty swimming in her clothes. The things childhood summers are made of! So I tell my OCD.
The kids were put to bed at a semi-respectable hour (ask me if they fell asleep right away, I dare ya) and we watched The Quiet Place. Annnnnd somewhere around 11:30 Matt and Steve went out for McDonald's. 

So how does one survive a rainy day at the beach? Drinks and Big Macs. And definitely a bicycle.