the lititz parade

I am fairly certain this particular year's Lititz Fourth of July Parade has split the family in two a wee bit. The one side loves parades and festiveness and traditions and the other well, they just don't like to be very very (very) hot. And hot it was, as the entire Mid-Atlantic Region (and plenty of other places too) was in the midst of a heat wave. Real feel somewhere in the 108 range I believe? And the humidity! But I simply will not be held away. The parade is on? I am there.
Typically we head into Lititz early and hit up a local pizzeria for dinner, but with this growing family and the heat we knew we needed space and an air-conditioner that was working really hard. So local pizza joint it was! We ate and used the bathrooms about a hundred times before heading off to find a parking spot. Annnndddddd... we were still super early. We were apparently at the end of the parade route so even though it started at 6:30 we didn't end up seeing any action until closer to 7... and the candy was a tiny bit lacking, although my kids sure didn't notice so I shouldn't even mention it. We sure were wilting in that heat but we rallied and the kids were living the dream!

We left a few pounds of water weight lighter and just really looking forward to a quick dip in the pool and some firefly catching. Which inevitably ended up in neighborhood fireworks viewing out front which then of course ended up in a neighbor kid swim thing. As it does. 

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