the hunchback of notre dame

Last week my Letty Bet and I had the pleasure of heading into the city to see The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the Fulton Theatre. All courtesy of my brother, who kindly gave us two tickets. I wanted to make a date out of it so of course we went to dinner at Character's Pub beforehand.... where I wisely got the hottest buffalo chicken salad of my life and Letty got herself a cheeseburger. She is just such a little lady now! No chicken nuggets for her these days no! We wandered around a little after  (with lots of rounds of but mom, are you sure we are allowed to walk there?) and landed at Dough & Co., per my sister's recommendation. Cookie dough sans raw egg? Sign me up!

I picked up our tickets at will call and then we just explored the gorgeous lobby and played with the bells like Quasimodo himself. While I had some wine, of course. Our seats were perfect, a step raised which meant no tall person blocking Letty's view and even a little wall in front of us so she could lean forward and rest her head on it. The show was phenomenal. Yes, a little "adult" for her at some points but I think most of that went over her head (I hope?). There were two parts where I was a little eh about it and I would distract her by pointing out something happening off stage or the like. But besides that, we just loved it! The full choir on stage, the three story set, those big bells!!! The applause at the end was just. something. else. It never ended! Letty had to give up from exhaustion. But they deserved every single clap, those people! Well done!

And thank you to John for the tickets!
Oh. And how is it July!!!!?