the actual beach!

Our final day at the beach was mostly sunny and just perfect! I would have been so annoyed if we weren't able to at least put our toes in the sand on the actual ocean! I made sure to be out the door running early so that I could help prep. You know, packing to head home but also packing for a day at the beach and also making beds and cleaning up a little and so on. Our Olsen Five was ready bright and early so we took a load of gear and left for the beach before the rest of the group.

There were high surf warnings and riptide current warnings and the like all day. We saw three rescues, one involving three life guards, all ending well thankfully. I saw dolphins! With my binoculars! Oh how I feel about dolphins is something else I'm afraid! I love them so! I didn't want the kids boogie boarding of course but they managed just fine all day without that. There was digging and swimming and more digging! What is it with kids and digging!? And of course beach ice cream! Gotta have that! 

We left mid afternoon to finish up packing to head home and of course to have our final dinner and then our annual group photo! And my kids only cried in the van once we left for like... twenty minutes maybe? Vacation ending is rough! Thanks so much to Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn for such a wonderful weekend!! As always!