rainy raspberry picking

Oh these raspberries. My favoritest of berries! They are also the hardest to pick, I'd say? But well worth it! This year my sister and her two joined us and right as we checked in the rain started! We hid out in our cars for a bit but then just decided to suck it up and with umbrellas in hand off we went! And this glasses thing? You may have seen my kids wearing glasses on different forms of social media these days... They are fake. Well, they are real sunglasses (from my sister's wedding when we channeled Runaway Bride) with the lens's removed. My kids love wearing them. Kids are strange.
I think the only one who actually enjoyed it was Lena. She's quite the good picker! Dom cried slashed whined the entire time wondering when he could go home and David just sort of stood there. Letty did some picking which was nice but mostly it was on me... While holding an umbrella. And trying every manner of threat to shush Dom.... Ah.. memories. And the rain stopped right in time for us to leave! Yay!!!!!!!
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  1. haha this sounds short lived and mildly traumatic. but you wouldn't know from the photos. i can see it now. but who doesn't love raspberries! ugh so good, i bought more last night.

  2. letty in the glasses! she is so cute! and dom with that "greek" skin! that boy is tan!! and oh berry picking. it is the best best. maybe not for all the kids, always, but.... it's the best. we know this.


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