michaux state forest

When we were driving home from Sheandoah and much (relatively) closer to home I took to google maps to see what mountain range I was seeing here in PA. Which ended up being part of Michaux State Forest. I have been pestering Matt ever since to go back there but as it's over an hour and a half you can understand his feet dragging just a bit. But as I mentioned the other day he had off work so! What else should one do on a Thursday when one's husband is home free! Travel to hike and see nice views!
We packed a lunch of course and found a nice little reservoir for our lunchtime view. It was sure humid and hot but at least it wasn't rainy and most of the haze had burned off, which I had spent quite a long time worrying about during the drive in. But to get to said reservoir we had to drive a few miles on "Bob's Road" as I referred to it. Anyone else seen Twister? Bob's Road? No? It wasn't the dumbest road I've driven our van on but it was up there. Remember this time? And this? I'm so smart. But the rhododendrons growing on both sides of the road sure made it a "pretty" stupid road.

We made it though after much nail biting and definitely found a shorter path out of there for when we left... We drove around in search of some other nice views too, finding a few. We trekked almost a mile to a fire tower that was definitely not a tower meant for pedestrian traffic anymore. Whoops on us. Dom scrapped his knee and well he just had to be carried by Matt the entire way there and back. But it was mostly flat and quiet if you blocked out the children's refrains of complaints... Matt decided he is hanging up his hiking towel at least for another year, just to let Dom's legs get a wee bit longer. Even though I reminded him that we made Letty and David hike when they were even younger than Dom is now. The baby of the family, I'll tell you what. And potty training update? No accidents all day long!
Michaux State Forest. Over and out.