letty's friend party

I have a love/hate relationship with having a child who's birthday resides in the summer. Number one, they are never in school on their birthday. Who would want to be in school!? Which also means that I don't have to worry about sending in a treat. Yay! It also means I can pretty much count on the kids doing a pool party with their friends. However, a lot of friends are out of town or super busy because it is summer, even with me planning it out in like, June. When I asked Letty who she wanted to invite I had to cap it because man, that girl has a lot of friends! And I would love to have them all! I would! But our pool isn't the largest and after her field hockey party earlier this month I was like wow. There's a limit, ya know? Especially when I'm sort of in charge of keeping them all alive.

So. We narrowed it down. And seven girls could come. Seven lovely ladies that I just think are the sweetest, nicest ladies! And their moms? Yeah, I dig them too. Letty sure knows how to pick them! The girls swam and listened to Kidz Bop Radio. They built forts and had popsicles and ate a lot of chips. They sang the birthday song and swam some more before it was gift time. The gifts! I mean these people!! They spoil her! I am telling you it took me two hours the next day to organize and find a nice home for all these lovely treats she was gifted! They all know her so well because she loved each and every one of them.
Miracles of Shopkins Miracles! A birthday cake for a birthday girl!

So thank you to all those lovely ladies for coming and celebrating the almost eight year old of mine. And thank you to the mamas behind them! I think the girls had a nice time! I was only marginally (irrationally) worried about some of them feeling left out... Projection at it's finest. I should see a Buddhist about it. Anyways! Party party party as always around here these days!