letty's early birthday party

Oy oy! It’s birthday time over here and the first to kick off the partying is Letty! Since we will be on the road next weekend we celebrated her eighth time around the sun a wee bit early. With a Shopkins themed bash! How she is only having this theme now is beyond me. Girl loves her some Shopkins for many many moon. So first up! La familia! We swam (even Poppop!). We ate. She opened so many gifts and goodness we need a bigger house at this point for all the toys.  She chose hot dogs, cheeseburgers and fries as her menu as well as Aunt Beth's now famous honey sriracha chicken. Of course. My poor sister. Cooking for a kid not even her own. Shouldn't make such tasty dishes I would say...

Letty was blessed with some fun new books, a stencil set, a star light that Matt pretty much wants to steal from her, a bed for her American Girl Doll (read: my American Girl Doll) and a string craft set. She is so lucky and I wish she only knew it! I love how just a “family” party turns into 18 people.  We may often dream about fleeing south where palm trees aplenty but then imagine, how sad! A birthday dinner with no family!?! It cannot be allowed! And yes we recreated the picture of what were the quadruplets that are now almost four and please it hurts too much!! Stop time, stop! You may notice my daughter in jammies and well that is because she is as that was the only piece of clothing she owned that was themed with the party. Small sacrifices.
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