hersheypark. at night.

Everyone have a nice Fourth? I can't believe it already happened! Where is this summer going!? Don't get me started.

One of the things I had in my mind to do with the kids this summer was to ride rides at night at Hersheypark. I don't really get it, because we ride a lot of rides at night during their Halloween and Christmas thing... but you know me, I get an idea in my head and I run with it. I also enlisted my parents in this endeavor.

We ate dinner at home beforehand and arrived shortly after 6. The weather was nice, albeit a little warm, but the crowds weren't bad and the kids could basically go on whatever ride they wanted to. My mom and I were brave and took the kids on the ferris wheel which can I just say how terrifying that is?! No belts. No bars. Just openness. How they don't have more accidental deaths is beyond me. I'm not sure I'll handle that one again for awhile. My arms still ache from the death grip I had on Dom. Don't let those pictures fool you... I had a helluva time keeping my anxiety hidden from my kids. That's a full time job, I know. 

Anyways we were there late! Like almost 10. The kids were exhausted and dirty but they were living the dream! Summer of Yes! Check!