fourth of july festivities begin!

Our Fourth of July festivities started off last weekend with an invitation to one of Letty's friends's houses for her family's annual party. Every time I see her friend she brings up this party so the expectations were quite high, I'll have to say. This family goes to our church so I knew we would sort of know a few people there as well.... That always helps when one goes into an unknown situation.

They had this enormous water slide set up in their backyard that the kids spent hours going down repeatedly. There must have been something like twenty kids there! There was a ton of food, and that chicken bbq that Matt was raving about! The kids just ran around and played in their big back yard and snacked on chips and did more running around... The moms all played this game called What Do You Meme? Which I mean. Church ladies. How you impressed me with your non-judgementalness! Can I even say that? I sure wasn't expecting that so.... it was fun! The hostess had little individual cups made up of ice cream from Fox Meadows (my favorite). And then there was the fireworks show! So so good! And safe, because he used a detonator. Phew! The kids were filthy and exhausted so you know that means it was a good night!