fourth of july at the pool

The heat wave continued on to the actual Fourth of July, and so as if we even needed an excuse, we had my family all come over for a swim before the evening's festivities. With drinks and snacks, of course!
We sort of had a "ships passing in the night" situation happening, with my sister and her family coming first and swimming for a bit until they had to head home for naps at which point my brother and his family arrived... so there is no big group shot. Shame on me. But there is a really cute picture of Dom on a little ladies' pink travelling potty that may peak your interest.... yes! He uses the potty now! Matt had off after the holiday and decided with all this time off work he was going to take potty training matters into his own hands and surprise surprise, success! Sure Dom goes commando all the time and he only uses the travelling potty but I guess one small step for mankind right?

I digress. The rain held off for the day, although it was cloudy. But we could use a tiny sun break for a day right? I'll allow it. There were a few rounds of beer pong, lots of chip eating (by young and old alike), very serious discussions regarding the merits of tattoos (still have yet to win mom over on that one) and then a lot of Uncle Robbie throws. The kids love those throws.  

Some of these images are my sister-in-law's! Of course!