field hockey girls, assemble!

Oh these field hockey girls! I've decided that I love them. They are such a good bunch of little ladies and their momma's are such a good bunch of momma's and I like to pretend that they will be friends forever. Or at least through high school. That can be thing right? Just look at them all on their last day of summer hockey camp!
I thought it could be fun to have a bunch of the girls over to swim and get pizza after their last day and so I hit my phone hard and contacted all the hockey moms I knew to make it happen. And I think we did pretty good! Ten girls and three brothers and four moms later there we were! Pizza was delivered and there was chips and drinks and chips and memories were made! I deemed it our first annual post camp swim day! 

Girls can be weird, as everyone knows, but this bunch? There was no cliques. No fighting. They just all played well and sort of morphed into different groups and back again. No one was left out. It was a Field Hockey Miracle! They even took to practicing hockey down on the grass at one point! The things memories are made of! Until next year ladies!