david's sixth birthday party

David's birthday celebrations continue! This time with a little family gathering! You know, only the essential personnel.... Tallying up somewhere in the 18 people range or some such thing. Which is just the way I'd have it! I let the kids pick a "theme" which basically comes down to what paper products I buy (yes Matt that still should be a thing) and David chose baseball. Shocker!

The weather was hot and the sun was out so we started the party off with swimming which let's be honest is something we do basically every single day that we possibly can in this house. We had chips and drinks before drying off and coming inside for dinner. David had requested my sister's honey sriracha chicken which she was more than happy to oblige him in (and thank goodness she did because I really do not like lasagna! So thanks Beth!). David also requested that the kids should get pizza and corn on the cob. Naturally. 

And then it was gift time! Always the best time for the kiddos! He is just such a lucky little boy and I hope he knows just how spoiled he is! Which I mean, obviously he has no stinking idea how lucky he is no matter how many times I tell him but. Still. He is. He got a Vtech Spy Watch as we lovingly refer to them, a light up tracing board, a magnetic dart board and a space lego set... So thank you to all for really just treating him so well! 

Then we had cake! I was disappointed in the quality of the design on this one this year, but it sure tasted great! The kids don't care how a cake looks! And that cookies and cream filling is where it's at! Matt's brother decided to fall asleep on us and the kids played with balloons all around him before we all called it a night!
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