david's actual birthday

I love my kids. I really do. But David's birthday was the birthday that never ended (this is the birthday that never ennnnnds, it just goes on and on my friennnnnnds). You're welcome for that, I'll have you know. But seriously. This birthday! We started it off the beginning of the week with friends celebrating... and then there was his actual birthday.... and then parties! So here we are. Starting it off with his actual day of  birth, which was Wednesday.
The day started off with his Sports of All Sorts Camp, which let me just say as a side note that I am so not ready for school to return and routines suck the life out of me but we survived our first summer camp ever and lived to tell the tale! So he went there. And then he requested Chick-Fil-A for lunch because he was told they have a playground there. We are the fun parents who have never-heretofore let our children play in a fast food restaurant playground. Winning. He waltzed in wearing his birthday boy crown from camp and was immediately told he could get a special treat (if it was okay with mom, and if he ate all his food (love you lady)). A milkshake! And lots of people saying happy birthday and how old are you today? Maybe crowns should be a thing right? Who knew? Not I. We had to return home for Letty to meet with her tutor and then we headed to Hersheypark! Whatever the birthday boy wants!

We did a few rides but the main goal was the water park. There was a lot of Dom holding his butt because well, that just held the poo in ifimbeinghonest. Matt had a discussion with David about what could potentially be in that water. And they swam. And slid. And then at the end of the night there was the game that David wanted to play. The fishing game. By the music coaster. He could have one big fish or three small turtles and sweetheart chose the turtles so he could share with his siblings. I can't even with that kid. We rounded out the night with Frosties and a good sky and well, he's six. There you have it.