coffee talk!

I totally missed the link-up I normally do but I still really like these posts so. Pour yourself a cuppa of whatever it is that gets you through the day and let's have a little chat.
Starting it off right where my mind goes, the toilet! Dominic! He's been doing it people! Matt just had to take the wheel on this one and he has done it! Great success! There was a lot of literal kicking and screaming the first few times but once Dom figured it out he just took off running with it! It's been so so so great! About time, I know. So three cheers to Matt! Now if only we could get the whole pooping thing underway we would be totally set!

Let's see... recent amazon finds? Prime is taking all our money that is for sure but we have been trying to cool it lately. This telescope for the playset because I thought the kids would love it and I'm trying to be the fun parent. I finally got myself the 23andMe DNA test kit because I need to know. Who am I? I'll keep you all posted about that. Some more wool dryer balls. I've had my original ones forever and it was time. This Cupshe bathing suit because I decided well, I pretty much live in bathing suits these days and the same suit from 2009 ain't gonna cut it any more. The pattern is super fun and I like that cross part of it too. See also a new coverup. Letty is really good with putting on sunscreen but hates the spray so I got her these sunscreen sticks and she has been loving them! And these two rings (1 and 2)! I stack them together because I have a ring problem. There's more that I've bought but I'm starting to get embarrassed sooo... Till next month!

I've been frantically working on the big kid's birthday dvds with every spare second. I'm not sure why I still do this to myself, waiting until a week or two before David's party before I snap to and start going through the thousands of images and videos I've taken throughout the year... It's really the definition of insanity. I should just do it like once a month or something. And coming up with the soundtrack for it? Super hard. David wants a Korn song on it that he sings constantly and I'm all like well... sure. His big day is tomorrow! Six! Heaven help me!

I've seen jade rollers here and there and sort of was all like "meh whatever that is" about it but after Kelsey posted more info on them (and a video because I'm a moron about skincare stuff) I decided to get one and well... Jury is still out. But I'm trying it. I got this one. More to come I am sure on this fascinating playing field...

We have been scheduling play dates for as often as we can. Sometimes even double booking the day. This summer is just slipping through my fingers already and I don't want to miss a thing (cue that wretched Aerosmith song) from our summer bucket list! I had asked the kids at the beginning of the summer which one of their friends they wanted to have come swim and so we are just working our way down that list one kiddo at a time! And Dom is just along for the ride.

I'm a bit of a nut about my hair as some people may know.... So when Formulate contacted me about being a part of their product launch I was really freaking excited. You take a survey all about your hair and hair care and hair goals and hair dreams and then they specialize shampoo and conditioner for you! Even the scent! Anyways they are doing a giveaway of a personalized shampoo and conditioner so you can enter that here! The winner will be chosen at random two weeks from today and you'll find out via email. So here's hoping, am I right?

And as always new Instagram accounts I have found! Johnny, Taylor, AJ and This Mess Is Ours.

And so! What is new with you?