america's favorite pastime!

Everytime I say that I snicker to myself and think of Edward Cullen. Just me? Thought so.

Seeing as my goal is a Sandlot-type summer, obviously going to a baseball game was on my mental list as something that that had to be done this summer. Matt got a bunch of tickets last week and we gathered up some friends and off we went for a double header. Now of course we didn't make it the whole way through (even the first game) but I'd say eight innings isn't so bad. Beer and baseball. Battlestar Galactica.

The kids got asked if they wanted to run around on the infield for a promotion at the bottom of the third which was pretty cool if you ask me. They wore mouse ears and chased cheese heads around and it was cute. Then they got to keep the mouse ears and a free hat and see also the memories. David took his ball watching very seriously, always asking questions I don't have the answers to. We all sort of had enough of the heat and the sweating as the sun went down and decided to move on for more air conditioned pastures. I'm just so glad we were able to go this year since we missed the family day back in June! Yay!