a greek fourth of july

Apparently, as we know all know now that I'm Greek, it should come as no surprise to anyone that my mother's very best friend is Greek. Oh how we love that Yiota! And every year (when she is not in Greece, that is) this Greek friend of my mother's hosts quite the shindig for the Fourth! There are lots and lots of people, food galore, drinks, and most of the time, fireworks! We came bearing desserts and lots of patriotically dressed little children!
Unfortunately for all, it was raining. So we retreated to the basement where the kids devoured pieces of bread and David took up video gaming with some high school boys. Oh how soon it all starts. The food was served and then dessert was served and I was terrifically stuffed. We decided to go back to my parent's until fireworks time hoping that the rain would stop.... Trovato Family, disperse! I laid on my parent's floor moaning about all the food (mac and cheese, four helpings, shame on me. but I didn't have a bun with my burger!!! plus see also desserts!!!) that I had ingested. The kids played with Legos. And then we all deemed the night a wash out. The rain just would not stop! Thankfully my sister-in-law had given me some of her old sparklers so at least the kids got to do that on my parent's covered back patio.

Not an ideal Fourth.... for sure. Not having real fireworks to see just makes me in a funk on the Fourth. But I'm hoping to see a few other fireworks displays sprinkled around these parts here and there. Hoping!
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  1. ugh, the rainy fourth situation is never ideal, but we have had them, too!! you guys look like you made the best of it! and still did sparklers!!! yay!!!

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  3. lets try this comment thing again. bc i pasted my work agenda into your page and no one wants that. OK so the greek thing. i love it. and it's still foreign for me to say. but a great time had by all even without fireworks. lock it up on the mac and cheese girl. (as my scale went up a pound today I FEEL THIS). anyway. the pic at beginning with matt and david twinning with expressions is priceless


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