a day in the life

These summer days are fleeting aren't they? I mean hello it's the third week of July already!! Things are escalating quickly now! One morning last week I was sipping my coffee and thinking about that and decided I wanted to do one of these posts before the summer is over. I fought back some tears on that thought, to be sure. Anyways this was a week ago (already! wah!).
7:00 am
My alarm goes off and I quietly head to the kitchen. Which how fabulous these slow mornings have been?! And the sun is already up! I fold the laundry I had put in the dryer the night before while my coffee brews. I usually drink this in silence and play with my phone for a bit, just waking up slowly and all that. All this before going down to the treadmill for my morning run. 

8:00 am
During the course of my run the rest of the house wakes up. Matt gets the boys their breakfast and Letty lays in bed watching her iPad. After I finish running I water all my flowers, front of the house and back. The boys are really in to their new toys at the island, dutifully ignoring me. David’s are from his many birthday parties and Dom’s are from his poo present. Potty training yay! I go put the laundry away, getting out the kids pjs for tonight and their clothes for tomorrow... I tell Letty that it’s time to head downstairs and start getting ready and then I finally shower. 
9:00 am
Monday’s usually mean it's time for a trip to the library. Each kid picks a stack of books and we keep them in the car in bags. Van only people, this is key. I let them pick as many as they want, David typically chooses books about animals, Letty chapter books that are well above her level, and Dom anything about dinosaurs. I figure this all serves three purposes. One, they get their reading in whenever we are in the car. Two, I never lose one of the 746 books they want to check out. And three, they are quiet.

10:00 am
We are at my Grammy’s for our weekly visit! I am sure you can imagine how this goes. Basically a whole lot of don’t do that. Stop doing that. Sit down please. Be quieter. Etc. Sometimes I get to talk to my Grammy in between the constant rounds of behavior correction. And today we were discussing things that happened in 1924. Hoover made director of what would be the FBI. First round the world flight. You know. Big things. 

11:00 am
On our way home for lunch! Matt is there already and is prepping lunch for us all the big sweetie! 

12:00 pm
After lunch I try and keep to a pretty strict (or not so strict) school time. I want them to write in their journal and do a few pages in the workbooks my parents got them. Letty does a bit more because her teacher sent home some packets for the summer. So she does a few pages of those too. Not on tutor days of course!

1:00 pm
It is so so so hot and steamy out but even if it wasn’t this is where we would be regardless. We live in bathing suits and bare feet these days. I read and the kids fight and then swim and more fighting and then a popsicle before some other fighting. 

2:00 pm
We booked a last minute play date! This helps with the aforementioned fighting! It was so hot and the sun was shining and so over they came! Bearing popsicles!

3:00 pm
Watching five kids swim would definitely necessitate this but it’s just something Janelle and I do. I miss our almost monthly lunch dates! As soon as I say that I know that in another month and a half we will be right back to them so I really should just shut my mouth.

4:00 pm
These boys be going strong. The girls retreated inside to work on a new LEGO set Letty had gotten. 
5:00 pm
Off for Chinese at Nonna and pop pops! Just look at all those hot pads waiting patiently for mounds and mounds of Chinese food!

6:00 pm
Just trying to get some more excitement going for the cruise! I love making vacation dvds! And the kids do too! We have watched this one so many times! We leave in like two weeks I think? Which I mean it's going to be awesome but I may also cry huge tears about what happens when we get back. I know you know what I'm talking about.
7:00 pm
My nephew Harrison is just a crawling fiend these days and his cuddles are more rare for us. But we take them when we can get them! The boys (mine) were both having break down after break down so we knew it was time to hit the road and put them right to bed. 
8:00 pm
Boys are in bed. Not asleep of course, I hear the refrains of my name being called over and over from Dom’s room. But the foot? The foot is down. Name that movie. Andddd then it’s time for my second workout of the day. Elliptical and then some power yoga. Letty is upstairs watching tv like the big girl she is. 
9:00 pm
Work out done and shower done and movie is chosen! We went with Hugo and I'm actually really surprised we haven't watched this before? Letty has prepped the couch for us with blankets and my chapstick (little sweetie when she wants to be of course) and Matt burns the popcorn (on purpose, those weirdos like that) and we are set!
10:00 pm
Crap photo for sure.... But we still going strong, not for long! This movie is over two hours so we wrap it up shortly and put her to bed. We watch some show about insane pools and dream of having a year-long pool ourselves.... and then! Bed!

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