a boat day to assateague and then some!

We spent our weekend back down at Matt's aunt and uncle's beach house for an Olsen weekend, joined also by Matt's brother and his wife and their two kids. It's been a long standing tradition! You know me and my traditions.

We arrived mid-afternoon on Thursday and while Matt slaved away helping Uncle Glenn build a ramp for the boat I sat on the deck watching the kids and sipping a margarita or two. The rest of the group arrived right after the sun set, which as we know, I love a good sky! Let the party begin!

Friday morning (after my traditional bagel run of course) we loaded up the boat with what really was quite possibly the largest amount of crap I have ever seen in such a small area! Coolers and a grill, tubes and towels, chairs and snacks, oh the snacks! Always need more snacks! Anyone else's kids just starve this summer? My kids are. Give them food or give them death. I'm pretty sure that's the way the expression goes.
We took the boat about an hour south to the island of Assateague, you know, wild horses? We went once in the fall and just loved it so we couldn't wait to head back! Matt even got a portable grill for the occasion. We found a little bit of beach with no one else around and set up camp. The kids swam and jumped off the boat and floated in tubes out in the bay. The things beach trips are made of. But then! To top it all off with an actual real life wild horse viewing?! I couldn't believe our luck! I ran right over all those brambles just to see it. Throwing caution to the wind! It's not like we see horses ever around here or anything (just about 584 on the ride down alone) but still! Wild! I'll deal with the splinters later! 
Back at the house we had dinner (after Matt checked the crab pots for the hundredth time and even got some keepers) and then celebrated the summer birthdays with cake! Three kiddos all within a month of each other. Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn had gifts galore for the kids! The boys got these huge bats and balls which they immediately wanted to start using and Letty got a craft set and a ton of clothes for her American Girl doll. David also got his very own Captain hat which is basically everything to him. Thank you so much to Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn for always spoiling my kids! We are so lucky to have those two!
We all meant to go to bed early because well, long (long) day. But then we decided to try launching a Chinese lantern and on the second try it worked! Not after a whole lot of laughing on my end. Somethings just hit your funny bone you know?
Some of these photos are my sister-in-law's and my brother-in-law's! If you made it this far! Ha!