wrapping things up with a nice little bow

The end of this school year has just been really intense. I look at other moms in awe. The moms who work. The moms who have more than two kids in the school. The moms that have more than two kids in the school and also do sports. Those sports moms the most. I don't know how people keep it all together and keep it straight but I am trying. Between me and my big ole desk calendar we are trying. A for effort? In the past few weeks there have been a few little "ends" if you will that we are just tying right on up! 

The kids had field day at school, which is an entire day of activities and games and while I couldn't travel around with each other their classes I did get to see them both as they passed through my station, thankfully in the air conditioned gym. Other moms (looking at you Sue!) sent me photos too which always makes me happy. People helping people.
Letty had her first ever Girl Scouts Bridging Ceremony. Which I should remember from when I was a kid, but did not. They walk in to the church all formal and say their little pledge and then walk under a "bridge" formed by the Brownies, officially making them.... you guessed it, Brownies! It was cute. Letty was proud. All good times. Also again with another mom (thanks Bobbi!) hooking me up with photos! First timer here and I had horrible seats! So. This community is pretty great I'll tell you what.
The Circus Club at school had a performance! And while neither of my children are old enough for the club yet, the kindergartners did a little show. Some parachute play and acting out different animals... We all sat in the bleachers and clapped accordingly. Can you believe I was sort of annoyed David insisted on his hat? Because that hat helped me pick him out super easily! Red baseball hat for the win!
And yes. I think that's it? Tonight is the last Girl Scout event as a Daisy... Letty and her troop get a little treat because of their cookie sales so. We are almost there people! Almost!