water park!

We finally braved it and made it to Hersheypark's water park! It's always an overwhelming undertaking. The packing and the prep and the oh my is Dom going to have an explosion in his Charlie Banana because we all know that boy cares zero for any potty training discussion... And we have a pool so why bother, right? Well with my parents gallivanting around Austria (yes, I know, I'm shocked too) we just put on our big girl pants and went with it. Water park it was.
But with our season passes we get in an hour prior to the rest of the public so we had some time for rides. You see the water park doesn't open till general park hours... So rides it was! And there was no line for any of it so the kids were living the dream! But oh that water park! It was a perfectly sunny day and we just all stuck together as a family and wandered from section to section, mainly staying in the super manageable wave pool. Letty convinced her daddy (and even me) and uncle to go on a few of the bigger slides with her so she got her thrill fix as well. We all made it. Even Audrey and Harrison, taking naps on their mamas. Old pros, those ladies. 

Please see also that my sister-in-law's phone is amazing and I need it to be mine. I only hinted to Matt for about three weeks and a year that I needed that camera. He finally shut me up. Thank you Matteo! They are really such great photos!
We got this people! Many more visits to come I am sure of it!