the first two days of summer vacation

The second school was over it was like full on party party party around these parts. We met the kids at the bus stop with loaded water guns and water balloons and it only went uphill from there (once I got Letty to stop crying about how she will miss her teacher that is). The kids wanted Panera Bread for lunch, so, yes. After that we met friends of ours for a little hike and then that turned into ice cream that then turned into a swim date. See also then dinner at my sister's with some park time! And we didn't have to rush out for bed times! That's how things roll around these parts I suppose.

The next day was a bit more of the same... another play date at a favorite park that then turned into a lunch date. Just two moms and five kids. Because that seems to be par for the course these summer days. I did take the kids to the library to stock up on books though because let's not get too crazy here. Summer regression is real and all.
See also s'mores! Oh Summer of Yes. I dig you!