the chillest air show around!

So, the main event! The air show! We were all just so excited for this! Matt more than anyone. He knew what planes were coming and when and all of that. We left the house bright and early on Uncle Glenn's pontoon boat (10:30) and headed down the bay to this cove type situation for our viewing pleasure. The boys were rocking their tank tops which! They want nothing else in life but their tank tops. David especially. Git ya tank top on. Said in his very best Australian impersonation. Dom fell asleep almost right away on my lap which is always welcome and took the edge off of what was the start of a nasty cold. We brought a ton of food, although not enough, some guy had a grill on his boat, rude! We had tubes and sunscreen and music and anchors away! 
It was a vibe I could totally get down with on a regular basis. Boats everywhere. Food and drinks everywhere. Just floating around and listening to music (Laid Back Beach Radio, what else) and tying up to a neighboring boat and hanging out. If you wanted to. Or not, whatever goes. The water was like three feet deep or something so people were wandering around mingling. And that's where we spent the better part of something like four hours. Baking and swimming and eating and drinking. The air show did eventually start of course and that was pretty cool too.  I was expecting back to back action but the time between the "acts" was actually nice. Gives the neck a break as it were. I am a huge fan.
Basically all this to say, Matt wants to go back every year and hang on that boat, in that cove, doing the same exact thing. And another excellent sunset!