the beach, the first day

We just got back this Monday from a little jaunt down to Ocean City, Maryland, having spent the weekend with Matt's aunt and uncle. There was a reason for the visit, the air show, but more on that later as one does. We arrived late Thursday night per a suggestion from Uncle Glenn in order to avoid the traffic and I'm just so glad we did that. We then had a nice full day just enjoying it all on Friday. First at the pool and then after loading ourselves down like pack mules, at the beach.
The water was just so clear and we could hear and see the planes practicing for their big show tomorrow so that was pretty cool. The bigger kids really perfected their boogie boarding technique... And Aunt Sue was the fun aunt and did a lot of digging and playing with them. We could actually sit in our chairs and just be spectators for once. Which is new and exciting. Also sort of sad, we are no longer needed, but let's just focus on the fact the beach can actually be sort of relaxing once more!
And! Riggs! Poor old boy went deaf since we last saw him. Being 13 is hard.
And! Sunset! They have just the best view down there!