strawberry picking

Two days. Two strawberry picking adventures. Because I have said a time or three, you can never have too many fresh burries. Once on a misty morning with my sister and her kids and once after school when it was also misty. Seven quarts later...
The first morning with Dom and my sister was actually quite pleasant for me. He was super in to it and asking lots of questions. He really wanted to be sure to get the best berries and just more berries all around! He even wanted his photo taken with said berries. He truly is a different child when the bigger kids are away. We are in for it this summer. And the unsung hero, my sister, picking and wearing a baby at the same time. My lower back feels for her!
Annnnd then a few days later I figured well with my back already being in a mood I might as well go again whilst we can you know? We had some time after school before Letty's tutor and so we jumped on it! Missing more rain by a hair. Rain rain go away, as one could say. This time wasn't nearly as calm (for myself or any other patrons). Dom wasn't in to it. David picked oh, one berry. And Letty was just like are we done yet? I guess going after school wasn't the best idea. Everyone and their mother is tired.
Summer schedule can arrive now. We are done with long days. We need long nights. But those fresh berries are sure making me happy in the mean time!