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Where did May go? Anyone aware? I feel like at this point the summer is already over and I might start spiraling. Reign it in Laur.
Three more days! Three more days! That's right people, by lunch on next Tuesday it will be officially summer vacation! Let's just have a round of applause about that now shall we?! Oh the fun we will have these next two and a half months! Bring it all on please! My babies all home with me! Yaaaay!

Have you seen Solo yet? Loved it. I am such a sucker for the Han and Chewy bromance it's not even funny. When Chewy sat down for the first time in the copilot seat I almost teared up. And who knew how old he was? I also couldn't get over how empty the movie theater was though! This is Star Wars people!! What is happening? 

I'm currently reading Anne of Green Gables plus also The Shape of Water. Why not mix it up? I had forgotten most of Anne so I figured that I needed a refresher course and was quite surprised when she was missing from my bookshelf right next to Island of the Blue Dolphins and The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew.... Has anyone watched the Netflix Anne of Green Gables thing? Any good? Anne with an 'e'??

The past week or two have been completely nuts and I'm not sure how I'm keeping my head above water. My sister, mainly. And an enormous calendar with notes all over it. It's one thing after the other with these end of the school year events and well we are getting there people. I barely see Dom these days. I don't exaggerate, you exaggerate.

Amazon Prime has been just sucking our money dry at this point. The ease at which I can get whatever we "need" in two days is really quite alluring. Some things of late? This supplement that is supposedly like melatonin but sans the bad dreams. We will see. The dreams I can't deal with. This cute little camera for the kids to use in the pool because I just really love seeing their underwater faces. I got this little number to organize all the kid's bathing suits in our laundry room because that's just where the end up accumulating. And I love it. Let's see what else... this new Apple Watch band. Yay. I had painted on my old one quite accidentally. This faux plant because I certainly don't have enough of them... And this yoga mat because I tore through two in something like a month. So far so good though. Tear free. I have an addiction sir! That's me, whenever my mailman drops off another package...

And as always my new to me Instagram accounts I'm loving: Jessy, White Shanty at Home, Gypsy Love Stone, Lacy and Fredi.

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  1. You are like the third or fourth person I've read within the last week who has sung the praises and/or admitted their addiction to Amazon Prime. (I, too, am an addict.). I often think to myself, "What in the world did we do before Amazon Prime or Amazon for the matter?" Then I remember... we physically went shopping, like out there in the real world. LOL! I personally don't miss physically shopping one bit. :)

  2. What are you doing to your yoga mats???

  3. i have not watched the anne of green gables thing, but i have never watched or read anything anne related. a friend watched it and loved it though. i have not seen the latest star wars - how many new ones are there now? i know we saw the first one and the second that was like a prequel or whatever (or was that the first and the one with daisy whatsherface the second?) but that's it. I am not a crazy big fan but KC was of the originals. i'm sure we'll get to them eventually.
    i get all my amazon things delivered to work and last week my UPS guy asked me if i changed it and am now getting things delivered at home. i'm trying to be good and you know you have an addiction when the UPS guy notices haha.
    i am intrigued about the supplement. i used to take magnesium, helps with my restless legs. i also took melatonin (not at the same time) but i got a wee bit addicted to it, no dreams, just addicted to the ability to fall asleep within 10 minutes. so i made KC hide it lol. maybe i'll get back to magnesium.

  4. I also get 2309480384 packages a week from Amazon thanks to Prime.

  5. a great month - so much to look forward to with summer :)

  6. faux plants and real plants and there can NEVER be enough!!!!! and amazon. oh, ohhhhh, amazon. it's a love story.


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