our father's day

Matt's dream life would be living barefoot, rocking nothing but board shorts and a tank top. And somehow he has enlisted the boys in this endeavor. If I don't pick a tank top out for them to wear they get seriously upset, as I said on Friday. In fact I'm quite certain that Dom didn't wear a shirt or shoes for most of the weekend. Living the dream, that tan tan baby.
Anyways! Father's Day! Of course I was saddened we couldn't be hanging out with my papa, but I know we left him in the best of hands with my sister... And we did have the beach to console ourselves with. Silver lining. We played on the beach and got sufficiently crispy. The kids got some ice cream from the Good Humor man... and more boogie boarding all around. We had to retreat to the umbrella for a break which has literally never happened in all my days but. Smarter, as one says. After relaxing at the house and dinner we headed out on the bay for a sunset cruise, with Dom once more taking a boat nap. 
That picture of Uncle Glenn cracks me up. He takes his boat driving quite seriously.



  1. oh these photos. it makes me want to RUN to the beach immediately if not sooner. i feel like last time you and i went to a beach together it was for the cruise and now i feel like we need to remedy that or something. also what a great fathers day for matt! i know he must have loved it there

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. me, too, matt! that's my preferred existence, too, for sure!

  3. I love doms button down shirt. Adorable! Such a perfect weekend for the beach.


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