memorial day itself

Our Memorial Day wasn't sunny but it wasn't rainy either and I mean, I'll take it! As is becoming tradition with us (we sure love our traditions don't we?) we headed to my brother's house for his town's parade and a bbq! And lots and lots of family time! Just such a patriotic bunch aren't we?
The parade route is just a short walk from my brother and Sadie's house, aren't they just the lucky ones! It isn't super long but it's just perfect. Veterans and Scouts and fire engines.  Everything a parade needs! The girls even got some carnations from the Boy Scouts which was new... The babies did great during their first parade, not that I should be surprised from those two chill babes! First of many to come little ones! We clapped and waved before heading back to John's for the rest of the festivities. I.e. lots of play set time, delicious food and drinks, and some games. The babies napped, some inside and some outside, and David took a turn behind the camera for a bit during rounds of whatever game his uncle had set up in the driveway. Quite a few of these photos are my sister-in-law's, naturally.
And look at that family photo! Great success! Print it. Frame it.

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  1. So patriotic! So festive! Haha love it looks like a fun day. And Harrison sleeping on the blanket?! Oh my heart

  2. gosh you guys are so festive and amazing!!! i bet all the kiddos have so much fun together!

  3. ok that group shot is amazing. what a fun day - that weather really was nice for parade.


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