kindergarten graduation

This event is everything. We have been so blessed to have this teacher in our lives for two years now and I just don't know what we will do without her! Ms. Carino! You are the best! If not for the millions of ways she is amazing during the school year this event alone deems it so. She has the room decorated, snacks and coffee prepared... All the aides and special teachers and principals and other staff that interacted with our kids are set to stop on by during the party... there is a slideshow of photos from the year!! She also made sure to thank all the mom volunteers from the year and gave us each a mason jar of flowers! I can't! I mean you people who know me know this event is like my love language!!
But that is not all! She then called each kiddo up by name and handed them each a diploma and a gave them a very grown up handshake as we all clapped our hearts out. And oh David's face! Oh his smile made the entire room laugh. He was just so proud it was practically oozing out of him! He ran right over to me which yes, let's always come right over to mommy first shall we? He also showed off some of his work from throughout the year, including a 19 page research paper on mosquitoes that, get this, he dedicated to Poppop. I mean, I can't. In kindergarten I was learning to tie my shoe or how to make friends... A research paper? Good for you kids. Seriously. After all the activities were over the kids showed us a dance they have been working out and it was hilarious and adorable. All the parents had their phones out recording them all. Such fun!
This year has been so good for him! He has rocked kindergarten and I have zero regret in sending him as young as he is. He's so smart. He's so friendly and kind. Ms. Carino once said he is such an old soul and that's true in so many ways. He's always up to hand out a compliment and make you feel good. Which is helpful when one of his David-isms comes out to play. Thankfully he keeps them to home only. 

Ms. Carino thank you for this event! Thank you for guiding David (and Letty before him) for his first year of school. What a positive influence you have been on them! We are so thankful for you! Matt was pretty sure he was never going to get me out of the room this day last week... Because then it's real. At least we still have Dom? Hopefully?