kindergarten and first grade. a year completed.

Oh it's here! Yes and finally! Of course though it always seems to have been over in just a blink and a half and that makes me sort of panicky! Time going by and all that stuff I am always lamenting... But as days do they come whether you are ready or not (we so were) and yesterday was their last day of school. A half day just full of fun and excitement. They got to go to their future classrooms and meet their future teachers and see their future class mates... You can be sure I grilled them all about that. 

This year held some surprises for each of these two children of mine. Some pretty big and others not so much. There's always something though and it will just be a thing I will learn to deal with, just like sleep deprivation or child separation anxiety or whatever I've got going on whenever they have to leave me.
The kids are such good kids. They are kind and respectful, helpful and friendly, earnest students and I have heard on multiple occasions how they bring joy to the classroom. Yeah sure maybe David goofs off at times once he got comfortable and yes Letty may need extra help with some things but all that is okay. They are good kids. That's so big. Huge. Not raising jerks. I feel like we get points for that no?
They have made so many friends and grown so much in so many different ways. Letty has discovered that she loves field hockey. And Girl Scouts. She is such a social butterfly and loves her friends immensely. She is a rule follower to a T and takes that job extremely seriously. Art and doing math equations (untimed of course) are some of her favorite school activities. David knows everyone's names and always uses them whenever he says hello. He wants to do all the things all the time. Extra-curricular activities? Yes. He will do it. He's such a little reading fool it's mind blowing to me! I mean I may toot his horn a bit here but he is reading almost at the same level first graders should be at the end of the year. He loves books! They had an entomology unit at the end of the year and the vocabulary that he came home with... I was learning every day! I am so surprised by what they came home doing.
They always wave at each other and smile whenever they pass each other... so I am told anyways. That was like major for me. You see your sibling? You better get excited. It's been such a relief having them together in the same school, with each other, looking out for each other. It doesn't seem like they are all alone to me like in past years with them separated. Which of course they never were all alone literally, but I love that they have each other in the same building. Their lunches overlapped (yes, David ate! He also sometimes snuck in a chocolate milk here or there because mom, they just scan my finger and give it to me!) and they had the same exact cycle day schedule which was amazing but I am sure will never happen again! I was so spoiled!
So as we all know, summer and having my kids home with me is my jam. We have so many plans and adventures to go on! But another year being over? My kids growing up? Having a second grader and first grader and Dom starting preschool in the fall? Nope. Now that... that I can do without. Makes me emotional and anxious and sad. What doesn't, I know. So with the thrill and joy of summer I'm going to try and let the emotional dread of the fall stay away until oh.... August 1st? How's that sound? Block it out like healthy people do...
Anyways like in the past.... A quick little interview!

Who is your best friend at school? 
L: I'm just thinking... Livi! Livi that has a pool (as opposed to the other friend Livi in our development that does not have a pool).
D: Uhm, I don't know. Does it have to be a boy? Or can it be a girl? Uhm... I would choose Bryce.

What was the best part of school? 
L: Everything! I love two things.... Math and science, actually.
D: Uh... Math. I like it because I like to work in math books. 

What was your favorite thing you learned this year? 
L: Math. Adding three numbers.
D: Eating healthy foods. Uhm in like health. I think that's it.

What will you miss the most? 
L: Mrs. Kocot!
D: Ms. Carino!

What are you looking forward to most this summer? 
L: You know..... Swimming!!!
D: Swimming!

The kid's first day of school here. My letter to Letty. My letter to David. And just for fun their last day of school last year, kindergarten and pre-k. Because: tears.