kids camp, otherwise known as modern vbs

Last week was our church's Kids Camp. Which is what the cool kids are doing these days. It's basically Vacation Bible School but different. It's only school aged kids, for one, which I know some churches do take younger kids? But not this one, sorry Dom, you gotta sit this one out. At Kids Camp the kids get to pick a "track" that they want to do for the week. Sports, art, music, drama or dance. They each got a certain color shirt to designate which track they were on too which made it super super easy for a leader such as yours truly, who was with Letty, doing the art track. Now we all missed the first day which I know, shame on me, but we had just returned from the beach and: laundry. But we sure made it the rest of the week! With the typical development crew!

The art projects were so fun and Letty had a blast! She painted an owl, made a wire self portrait (very Picasso-like) and also a wooden candy dispenser. Which is probably her favorite and her daddy keeps it stocked with Skittles. At. All. Times. David was thrilled to play wiffleball his first day and he just loved his leaders! And he only embarrassed me once when he raised his hand and asked why Jesus died on the cross..... Doh! We've been over that kid! Thanks for making me look bad!

At the end of the week they had a closing program where we all got to see what the dance/music/drama tracks were up to. The kids all went on stage at the end and danced their own hearts out too, showing off the moves they learned during the week. Including a lot of "dabbing" and  "flossing" which I really just don't get and it makes me feel incredibly old. After that we all walked around the art show and got free milkshakes! Our church has really good milkshakes that we normally only get during the Farm Show. Such a treat!
Until next year!