culture day field trip

The last field trip of the year but alas, not the last school event! The end of the year is just chock full of fun activities isn't it? Which is great for the kids... but I'd personally just prefer to say, cut the year short before all these shenanigans and let us have a longer summer. Just me?  These are such fun times though for the kids.... Letty's last field trip involved a walk to the high school for their Culture Day.
The walk was a bit much in my opinion... the other chaperones and I figure it was about two miles round trip... Thank goodness the weather was gorgeous so it was at least a pleasant walk.

The event itself, while packed, was actually pretty great! Different booths set up in the gym from different countries and each one had food and drink, music from the country as well as high schoolers dressed in costume and ready to talk to each and every one of us about their country. They even said hello in the native tongue! Some of the kids in my group tried everything and others, like my daughter, stuck to sure things, like Germany's apple cake. They had face painting and crafts too at practically every country. They didn't have this when I went to school there! Rude. Also we missed my mother's best friend's son who was dressed as a Canadian moose. The kids would have loved that!