cherry picking time

It's just a little hard to believe that we have been going to this farm for six straight years now, picking those same cherries from those same trees.... They may be the same but we certainly have grown during the years! Looking through prior posts and seeing bellies grow and babies grow it just get's me a bit as I'm sure you can imagine... Anyways! Cherry picking season started! It's normally a pretty short season and so my sister-in-law tend to jump on it the second Cherry Hill Orchards posts that they are ripe. Day one! We are there!

We all got in on the picking action this year which I think is a first. Letty climbing quite high on the ladder to get those dark ones that Poppop likes... David informing her that she is breaking the rules because on his ladder it says not to go above a certain rung... And Dom arguing over which ladder is his. Ah the joy of picking fruit with kids! But pick we did! Coming in at just shy of eight pounds! 

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