an olsen swim

Even as I typed that title I didn't realize that there are barely any photos from this day of my niece and nephew... Sam's there, for sure, playing ball with his cousins. Future ball players, assemble! Anyways.  Last weekend we had the Olsens over for some swim time and the rain stayed away and it was just a great day to float and let the skin soak in all that glorious vitamin D!
My sister-in-law also has an awesome phone. You can imagine all the grief I had to give Matt about my phone. I have wanted portrait mode for over a year and it just hasn't happened yet because who else gets confused about cell phone contracts? Finally he broke down..... but it took some time. I could be really useful at like Guantanamo for sure. Anyways we swam and floated and the kids played and I guess I officially need to get David a baseball mit. Glove? Details. Just another lovely pool day. Best kind of days.